You can order a repeat prescription by discussing with admin team. Please allow up to a 72-hour/3 working day turnaround before scripts are ready for collection.

Online requests are also available via Manage My Health.

Repeat prescriptions fees:

  • $19.50 - 3 working day turnaround
  • $17.50 - 3 working day turnaround for Manage my Health User/Community Service Card holders.
  • $30 - URGENT prescription requests - within 24 Hours (Must be ordered before 1pm if wanting on same day - no exceptions) 

We provide treatment for minor accidents (others may be referred to hospital). We remove foreign bodies, suture cuts, treat strains and sprains

N.B. We do not have any imaging services (Xray/ultrasound) available in Raglan, anyone requiring imaging is advised to visit Anglesea Urgent Care Clinic in Hamilton. An appointment with us will not expediate access to imaging at Anglesea clinic.

Normal consult fees apply.

Patients aged 4 years old are eligible for a comprehensive before school check with our nurses.  This is to check the child’s physical and developmental milestones and advise of any additional supports that may be needed prior to them starting school. 

This service is fully funded for our registered tamariki.

HPV screening became available to all patients in September 2023. 

Based on your history or the result of your HPV screening, you may still be required to have cervical smear

Click here for funding criteria.

If you are not eligible for funding, see below for costs:

  • HPV Screening        $15.00
  • Cervical Screening   $25

For more information on cervical screening options and funding criteria please contact Raglan Medical to speak with our nurses or visit:

 Cervical screening | Time to Screen - National Screening Unit

Asthma Education

Our clinical team can help with education and treatment/management of asthma.

Normal consult fees apply.

Cardiovascular Risk Assessments

This healthy heart check is funded for:

  • All patients aged 45 – 75
  • Māori and Pacific patients aged 35 – 75

Normal consult fees apply if requesting this service outside of the above funding criteria.

Diabetes Management

Our clinical team can help with education and treatment for anyone diagnosed with type 1 or 2 diabetes

Our patients with diabetes are eligible for a free diabetic annual review. Any additional support may be charged at normal consult rates.

Clinical Pharmacist prescribers can help patients better understand the medication they are taking and why.  They will work to optimise regular medications patients are prescribed and can help with the management of chronic issues such as diabetes, asthma and gout.

This service is only available to our registered patients following an initial GP consult.

After a review with your GP and when indicated, joint and soft tissue injections can be done as treatment of muscle and joint inflammatory reactions.

If covered by ACC, an ACC consult fee will apply

If this injections is not covered by ACC, the cost is $85

Liquid Nitrogen can be administered by GPs/NPs or Practice Nurses.  A consult is usually required in the first instance. 

Additional costs for liquid nitrogen start at $20.

Our nurses are trained to complete comprehensive ear clinics and ear suctioning.

These are charged at:

  • $80 for the first consult.
  • $40 Follow ups are charged

Any follow up must be initiated by the nurse who conducted the initial consult and must be within 2 weeks of the initial consult.

Any ear suction outside of this timeframe will be charged at full price.

This diagnostic tool can be used to assess patients experiencing irregular heart rhythms or chest pain.

This service is charged at $35

Raglan Medical partners with Te Kohao Health to deliver Health Improvement Practitioner and Health Coach support to Raglan Medicals registered patients.

The goals of the service are:

  • To ensure that people living with mild to moderate mental
    health & addiction issues in the community are supported
    and are linked to the appropriate health services.
  • To work with people with mild to moderate mental health
    & addiction issues, who without support might require
    secondary mental health services.
  • Applying evidence based mental health practice.
  • Upskill health professionals within primary care teams so
    that they work consistently in terms of ways they screen
    and assess people for mental health & addiction problems.
  • Educating Whānau about available mental health &
    addiction services at all levels of care.
  • To improve Whānau knowledge of mental health &
    addiction issues.

Patients can self refer by discussing this with anyone in our team.

This service is fully funded for our registered patients.

If it is recommended by a clinician, we have two options available for home blood pressure monitoring.

  • 24 Hr Blood Pressure Monitoring – This is considered the gold standard in blood pressure Monitoring
    • $50 hire fee
  • Home Blood Pressure – this is used when 24 hr blood pressure monitoring may not be practical.
    • $35 Hire Fee

Our nursing team will provide training on how to take your blood pressure at home using our equipment

Home visits are available for registered patients whose condition prevents them from attending the surgery: Additional charges will apply.

Home Visits within Raglan township are charged at normal consult rates + Home visit fee of $120.00

Rural Home Visits are charged at normal consult fees + Home Visit Rural fee of $140.00

Raglan Medical offer the below infusions if these are clinically required.

  • Iron Infusion
  • Zoledronic acid (Aclasta) infusion
  • Emergency IV fluids

These services may be funded.

The cost of these infusions is $150 if not funded (please note, that does not include the cost of medications.)

People who are eligible for NZ funded health care and are pregnant are eligible for funded GP consults up until 12 weeks gestation or until they involve a Mid Wife (LMC).

Consults re. terminations or miscarriage may be funded up until 20 weeks.

Our GPs can provide a range of medicals for employment and recreation activities. 

Please email a copy of the form you require us to fill in or drop in a physical copy to our front desk.

Please note, medicals are not considered urgent.  We advise patients to provide a copy of the medical form 4 weeks prior to it being needed.  A GP will review how long the consult will take and reception will contact you to arrange a time and inform you of the price.  

Medicals are charge at $85 per 15 minutes, this fee does not include any additional services that may be required (i.e. ECG/Spirometry).

Raglan Medical are unable to complete Immigration medicals

We offer elective and cosmetic surgeries.

Priority will be given to elective procedures (i.e., suspected skin cancer removals).  These services are not funded however you may be eligible for a voucher to help reduce the cost.  Cost will be based on time taken and cost of consumables.

An initial consult with your GP is required for all Minor Surgeries.

We provide end of life care to our enrolled palliative patients.

Our service includes access to a designated doctor at all times (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). This doctor will visit you in your own home when needed.

We have funding to provide up to 12 consultations.  These can be at the clinic, at your home or over the phone.

Costs for repeat prescriptions and other clinic services are not covered by this funding.

A vaginal pessary is a plastic device that fits into your vagina to help support your uterus (womb) vagina . The pessary is most often used for prolapsing of the uterus. A pessary can also help many women who have stress urinary incontinence.

An initial consult with the GP is required, any additional costs will be advised at this point.

Our Nurses can provide urine pregnancy tests.

Our GPs/NPs can arrange for blood forms to determine pregnancy.

These are funded for under 25-year-olds or charged at our usual consult rates for 25 years old and over.

Raglan Medical can refer onto a number of specialists in New Zealand.

Referrals completed outside of consults cost $15 each

We can screen for Sexually transmitted Infections (STIs), pregnancy and discuss contraception options.

These services are fully funded for patients aged 24 and under.  

For patients over 25 and over, normal consult fees apply. 

We offer dedicated skin check consultations; this involves a full body skin examination using a dermatoscope (a polarised magnifying lens). Photos of any suspicious skin lesions are taken and, when necessary, these are sent to a dermatologist for further assessment.

This appointment takes 30 minutes and costs $170.

We also provide minor surgery to remove suspicious lesions, additional charges will apply for the removal of any suspicious lesions. 

Our Medical Care Assistants and Nurses can provide support for patients who require support to quit tobacco.

This service is free for all patients.

Please note, this service is not available to patients who want to quit vaping. 

This test is used to determine a persons lung capacity.

This service costs $50

You will be required to complete a pre travel questionnaire. 

Click here to download the form.

We will not be able to complete your request for travel consults if date of departure is less than 6 weeks from the day we receive the completed form.  If this is the case, please seek advice from a specialist travel clinic. 

Travel consult are charged at $85 per 15 minutes, this does not include the cost of any additional vaccines.

Disclaimer: Completion of the pre travel questionnaire does not guarantee we can provide a travel consult at Raglan Medical.  Based on the information you provide; we may not be able to complete your request and will advise you to seek advice from a specialist travel clinic.  If we are able to complete your request, payment for any travel vaccines you need is required upfront. 

Vaccines outside the New Zealand funded schedule are available to patients at their own cost.  This includes travel vaccinations.  The cost of each vaccine varies.  For travel vaccines, a travel consult is also required, please see travel consults for more information.

For queries regarding pricing for vaccines, please contact our nurses on 07 825 0114 to discuss.

Please note we do not currently offer vaccination against Covid 19 please visit

Includes dressing changes and wound reviews.

A normal consult fee usually applies. There may be additional charges for any additional dressings we provide.