We are currently enrolling new patients at Raglan Medical. 

New patients must be able to provide proof of an address in Raglan Town or the surrounding rural areas including Te Akau, Waitetuna and Aotea.

Please click here for our enrolment form and medical notes transfer request.

Fee Schedule for Newly Enrolled Patients

  • a casual consultation fee may be charged for the first consultation following completion of the Enrolment Process if the Enrolled Person’s first consultation occurs before the last day of the calendar month in which they complete the Enrolment Process.
  • We advise patients to book their first appointment once their notes have arrived from their previous practice (normally 10 working days).

We require ID, proof of eligibility and proof of entitlement for all new enrolling patients. 

Accepted forms of ID and Proof of Eligibility (any one of the below options)

  • NZ Passport
  • NZ Birth Certificate (incl. Cook Island/Niue/Tokelau) with Photo ID
    • (Driver's License, Kiwi Access card 18+)
  • NZ Birth Certificate (can only be accepted on its own for patients under 18 years of age)
  • NZ Citizenship Certificate + Photo ID
    • (International Passport, Driver's License, Kiwi Access card 18+)
  • Gold Card/Community Services Card + Photo ID
    • (International Passport, Driver's License, Kiwi Access card 18+)
  • International Passport with copy of 2 years' worth of consecutive Visa
    • (Excludes Student Visa)
  • Australian Passport and proof of commitment to stay in NZ for 2 years from arrival date
    • i.e. Utilities bill, proof of NZ employment, letter from WINZ

Accepted forms of Proof of Entitlement

  • Utilities bill (i.e. power/gas) with a Raglan or wider Raglan area address
  • NZ Employment contract 

We reserve the right to refuse enrolment to patients who: